On Scott Snyder’s Batman….

This book is badass.

Seriously this is the best “New 52” title out there.  You can ignore all other DC books and be happy to read this title.  My question regarding Batman (at least two issues in): is Batman the main character?  I admit that I am not the most adamant of Batman readers but in my brief run ins with various creative teams over the years is that none have placed Gotham City in the spotlight quite the way that Snyder has done here.  While the cast of Batman is certainly familiar Snyder has made Gotham into a character in its own right (not to be confused with the Gotham seen in Stormwatch #3).

The story of this arc isn’t about Batman (at least two issues in), it’s about Gotham City.  I absolutely love that.  Snyder has catapulted the Bat to the top of my read pile.  Greg Capullo has a very kinetic art style that suits Batman’s high impact fights and his ability to craft a detailed environment is certainly impressive.  That being said he isn’t my favorite artist particularly when he pulls back for the wide angle shots where the loss of details leaves the art feeling somewhat unfinished.  Capullo’s light pencils are thankfully enhanced by solid inkwork by Jonathan Glapion.  If there is a title where a good inker is needed Batman is that title and Glapion’s work enhances Capullo’s work immeasurably.  FCO Plascensia does a bang up job with colors using a dark/dingy pallete that enhanced the brooding air of Batman that we all know and love.

Issues #1 and #2 are on the stand now and Batman #3 will be hitting your LCS on November 16th.

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