I figured I should maybe add some biographical info here since I’ve noticed a couple of clicks on the e-mail page.

My name is Mike Ferrante and I’m a reference librarian/webmaster/system administrator at Franklin Township Public Library in Somerset, NJ.   I graduated from Ramapo College with a Bachelor’s in Literature (i.e. English) in 2005 and since I didn’t really want to go into publishing nor did I really want to teach decided that since I liked books so much I would become a librarian.  The joke was on me since it turns out books are really only a small part of librarians do (still my favorite part though!) which I suppose was a good thing since it turns out I actually liked reading about how information is organized and actually enjoyed reading and discussing theories on “human information behavior.”

Now that I’m a fully acredited librarian (with my own budget line for fiction) I’ve found that you can only read so many encapsulated Publisher’s Weekly-esque reviews before they all start looking and sounding the same (intro sentence, occaisonally critical plot summary, concluding sentence).  The part of me that enjoyed doing genre analysis during a “Reading Interests of Adults” class and the part of me that actually enjoyed literary criticism got together and decided they could do a bit better than that.  Thus here I am turning what was once a whiny and stereotypical blog (seriously, careful how far you go back in my archives since I’ve changed nothing as a sort of painful reminder of what a blogger shouldn’t do) into an vaguely legitimate review blog.

So far, on this blog I’ve read and reviewed 51 books (as of 3/11/2009).  I think I’ve gotten better at it.  Or at least more long-winded (I’ll let you be the judge), going from reviews of maybe a few hundred words to something closer to a 1000.  Also, I’m fond of parenthetical assides (seriously!).  Anyhoo, I’ve only really had one person actually ask for an e-mail address and it was totally unrelated to any reviews I’ve written.  But for those desperate to contact me, especially anyone wanting to send me free things (i.e. books), I can be reached at:

michaelferrante83 AT yahoo DOT com