“Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.”
-Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. iv. 43

Yeah…time is a bitch. There really is never enough of it. So, two jobs and twelve credits, not the best of ideas. Two weeks into the semester and I already detest my morning commute. It really isn’t any fun when you leave the house at 8 AM don’t get back until 12 AM, leave at 8 AM the next morning, and don’t get back again until about 8 PM that night. That means only about 7 or 8 hours at home in a 36 hour period. Luckily I don’t have too many days like that, and none as far as I can tell this week; though next week doesn’t look to promising.

Sleep hasn’t been going too well either. I blame anxiety and stress about the aforementioned lack of time, but the lack of excercise isn’t helping either. The wierdo dreams don’t help either, but I’m not sharing those here (despite lack of readership).

Damn….just over a month.

New Audioslave=bueno

New Iron Maiden=not so bueno

Ok, the new Iron Maiden isn’t terrible but it isn’t good either. Dance of Death had some great standout tracks but A Matter of Life and Death not so much. I know absolutely zero about audio production but it feels like the mix is a little off. Bruce’s voice is overshadowed by the instrumentals when it should be at the forefront and at times the music just feels emotionless and flat.

On the other hand the new Audioslave album is, dare I say, amazing. It lacks the meloncholy of their previous two efforts and replaces it with a funky upbeat drive that makes the album perfect for blasting through your speakers while crusining down the road. I maintain the Chris Cornell is one of the greatest rock voices of our time (latest efforts notwithstanding Bruce Dickinson is up there as well) and his work on this album is top notch. Though in truth this album is owned by guitarist Tom Morello. Morello’s signature style, backed by some strong drumming by Brad Wilk and bass work by Tim Commerford, really drive the album forward at a breakneck pace. If you enjoy good music, if you’re fed up with the whiny trend in most modern rock than do yourself a favor and go buy Revelations by Audioslave; you won’t regret it.