"But Prime–"

Watching one of the greatest achievments of cinematic perfection ever….Transformers: The Movie. So many awesome moments, such a great soundtrack. Optimus as he arrives back on earth “Megatron must be stopped…no matter the cost,” that line never fails to send chills down my spine.

“Coronation Starscream!? This is bad comedy.” -Galvatron

“When do we start bustin’ deceptachops!” -Ironhide

“Who you callin’ unchrasimatic!” -Rumble

“Such heroic nonsense!” -Megatron

The amount of violence in the film is surprising as well. The slaughter of the autobots on the shuttle is particularly vicious. The heaped bodies during the siege of Autobot City. i know they’re robots but a film with a as much human destruction would never have squeaked by with a PG rating. Anyhoo if you remember Transformers with any fondness, or are just lookin’ for a fun summer sci-fi flick pop over to your local video store, or check out netflix, for TFTM.

"I was lost in the pages in the pages of a book…"

**Cough** **splutter** **choke** Dusty again. Well here we are. So I never got that last update up…..oh well. I’m far too lazy to summarize what’s been goin’ on over the last few months so just content yourselves (if there are any you) with knowing that from June 28th through July 10th I was in France enjoying the summer and sights of, first southern France, and then Paris.

We saw some pretty cool sights, not to mention the fact that we stayed in a chateau in the country (partly built in 17th century, the other part added in the 19th). We toured a castle in the south of France, saw the sights of Paris including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Invalides, and Notre Dame.

Unfortuneatly France also reminded me that I tend to get confused about the worst sorts of women. In previous cases ones out of my league or in this case…well in this case just about everything doesn’t fit. As the french say, c’est la vie.

Relax, I’m not gonna start opening these extremely infrequent postings with ‘dear diary’ any time soon but I had to say something somewhere lest I carry things ’round my head and my head alone. So dear strangers it is with you I must share my burden of thought. Now, let me move away from hyperbole and melodrama into realms far more normal (though whose to say either of those things aren’t about as normal for me as everything else).

Hopefully I’ll post again soon (seriously this time). Maybe I’ll even post some pictures over on photobucket so you too can see some of what I saw. And maybe, just maybe, if I’m not too lazy and I can decipher my own handwriting I’ll post some info from my hand-dandy little moleskin. I figure with the bits and pieces of downtime I get here at work, and with the longer period of downtime coming later in the month, I might actually work up the energy to post something.

Anyhoo that’s it for now peoples, stay tuned non-existant reader for another not-so exciting journey along the sightless wanderings I call my life.

Keep on rockin’ and all that.

Ferrante out.

PS- I swear, this Mac I’m using won’t let me use the spellcheck button. Sorry.