Javelin Rain by Myke Cole

Javelin Rain by Myke Cole | Ace, 2016

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Previous Novel: Gemini Cell

What You Need To Know:
Javelin Rain is the sequel to Gemini Cell. Both novels take place in Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops world albeit before the events in Control Point (review), Fortress Frontier (review), and Breach Zone (review). Javelin Rain continues the story of US Navy Seal Jim Schweitzer as he fights for his family against the nefarious Gemini Cell; the seemingly government sanctioned operation that turned him into the monster he is.
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Fearless by Elliott James

Fearless by Elliott James | 2016, Tantor Studios

The Pax Arcana series by Elliott James is one my favorite recent additions to the urban fantasy scene. Fearless, is the third novel in the series and continues the series excellence. One of the things that I find interesting about this series over some other urban fantasies is that its setting is particularly unmoored. John Charming’s past, particularly his having been on the run for so long, means that sense of place that for me is a strong part of the urban fantasy genre is instead refocused onto John himself and the home creates (or is trying to create) with the people he surrounds himself with. While Fearless and the Pax Arcana series buys into many of the familiar tropes of its subgenre the laser-like focus on John himself, and his peculiar brand of self-awareness, lend the series a surprisingly different feel. The uniqueness of the series is further enhanced by the menagerie of supernatural creatures that James includes throughout the series. Fearless, in particular introduces a whole new cast of creatures both terrifying and surprisingly normal from a variety of cultural backgrounds with a strong focus in Japanese mythology.

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