Angry Robot

This hit the web news the other day but Angry Book has an interesting offer for for the upcoming Walking the Tree. For print readers who purchase the title they are providing some sample chapters from a novella featuring one of characters from the novel.  In fact the novella, as far as I can tell, features a portion of the novel from that character’s, Morace’s, point of view.  The book will feature a website and download code for the rest of the novel while ebook purchasers will get the ebook already downloaded and ready to go when they purchase Walking the Tree.

Of course that would require Angry Robots’ books being available here in the States.  That won’t be happening until May.  Angry Robot Books is an exciting new imprint as far as I’m concerned and I am more than a little frustrated about the slow crawl across the Atlantic.

More info on the deal and the Angry Robot’s authors and titles can be found here.

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