Nyphron Rising Sample

I went to see if there was a solid release date for Michael Sullivan’s third book in the Riyria Revelation, Nyphron Rising and, while the date is still listed as a rather nebulous Octoboer 2009. I found out that there was a sample from chapter 1 posted there as well.  If you’ve yet to give this series a try I highly recommend you head on over and check out samples from the first two books The Crown Conspriacy and Avempartha. If you have had the pleasure of reading the series so far then by all means please check out the Chapter 1 sample from Nyphron Rising!

6 thoughts on “Nyphron Rising Sample

  1. Jane Jones

    I too loved the first two books. It is rare that a second book exceeds the first especially when the first is as good as Crown Conspiracy was. I’m anxiously looking for the Nyphron Rising – I’ve not read the sample chapter because I’m afraid it will pull me in and then I won’t have anything to read. I think this will be a great series overall.

  2. Just wanted to let people know that Nyphron Rising is now officially released. You can buy at Amazon (Print and Kindle versions: http://www.amazon.com/Nyphron-Rising-Revelations-Michael-Sullivan/dp/0979621143/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255511279&sr=8-3

    Or buy direct from Michael (15% discount and signed copies)

    It will still be a few weeks until the bookstores are setup in the Ingram chain but should be available in Borders and Barnes & Noble by Mid-November

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