Review: The Twilight Herald by Tom Lloyd

The Twilight Herald by Tom LloydThe Twilight Herald
Tom Lloyd
Pyr, 2009

Tom Lloyd’s The Twilight Herald is the second book of the Twilight Reign series following Stormcaller.  Isak, now lord of the Farlan must come to grips with his new role as king and ruler of his people.  Meanwhile, in the city of Scree, a dark spell is being woven that threatens to consume it and its populace.  That same spell is drawing powerful people towards a huge convergence introducing a slew of new characters and new ideas to the world of Twilight Reign.

The expansion of the cast and the shift from the more character-driven tightly focused Stormcaller to the broader more epic approach seen in The Twilight Herald has mixed results.  On the one hand it lends itself towards one heck of a wild ride, with action, excitement, danger, violence and epic confrontations occurring left and right.  On the other hand the broader focus and new characters mean less of a focus on the well-developed and interesting personalities seen in the previous volume.

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