Review: The Space Between by Erik Tomblin

The Space Between by Erik Tomblin
The Space Between by Erik Tomblin

The Space Between
Erik Tomblin
Blue Fairy Books, 2009

Yes, another book from another small press publisher Blue Fairy Books.  At this point The Space Between by Erik Tomblin is their only book.  The site has a really neat flash trailer that really captures the atmosphere of the novel; you should definitely check it out.  The Space Between is, in a sense, a haunted house story.  Then again it isn’t really a haunted house story.  It is, perhaps more accurately, a haunted person story.  Musician Isaac Owens arrives to the house already haunted by the memories of his recently deceased girlfriend and the house, and some of the other characters in the novel, are themselves haunted by their own pasts.  It is also a novel that, in the end, that left this reader a bit haunted himself.

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