Review: Tarnished Knight (Lost Stars) by Jack Campbell

Tarnished Knight (The Lost Stars)
Jack Campbell
Audible Frontiers, 2012

Tarnished Knight  marks the first book outside of Jack Campbell’s two Lost Fleet series. Part of a new subseries entitled The Lost StarsThe Tarnished Knight, is Campbells first work to feature protagonists not from the Alliance worlds. Picking just before the Alliance fleet arrives in the Midway star system (I believe it was in Dreadnaught) this novel features two former Syndicate CEOs Artur Drakon, and Gwen Iceni. The two CEOs, having formed a tenuous alliance, have hatched a plan to overthrow the Syndicate security forces in their system and take control of Midway. Assuming you’ve read Dreadnaught you know that their initial coup succeeds but Tarnished Knight delves deeper into the shaky alliance between these two individuals and the actions they had to take to ensure the safety of the people of Midway and the strength of their own positions.

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