Review: The Grave Thief by Tom Lloyd

The Grave Thief by Tom Lloyd
The Grave Thief by Tom Lloyd

The Grave Thief
Tom Lloyd
Pyr, 2009

The Grave Thief is the third book in Tom Lloyd’s Twilight Reign series following both The Stormcaller and The Twilight Herald.  Where as The Twilight Herald broadened the scope of the series beyond Isak’s travails The Grave Thief increases the complexity of the plot and the gravity of the threat in the series.  Where The Stormcaller stayed more tightly focused on Isak and his coterie The Grave Thief continues to expand upon the cast and players in the Twilight Reign.  This was both boon and bane to the novel; the latter primarily because I waited something close to 7 months to read this latest volume.

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