Review: The Emerald Storm by Michael J Sullivan

The Emerald Storm by Michael J Sullivan
The Emerald Storm by Michael J Sullivan

The Emerald Storm
Michael J Sullivan
Ridan Publishing, 2010

I made a valiant attempt to read a pdf ARC of The Emerald Storm on my nook and failed utterly.  This is no fault of Mr. Sullivan’s but the problem with reading pdfs on ereaders (i.e. painful).  Thankfully the published version of the novel was available from for the nook.  Previous volumes in the Riyria Revelations have hinted at events to come and The Emerald Storm continues that trend offering another glimpse and a dark promise the dangerous water lay ahead.  The Emerald Storm sees Hadrian and Royce taking one more mission, despite Royce’s protestations that he is retired, tracking down the ship with the titular name and attempting for ferret out what possible interest the Imperials have on distant shores.  The Emerald Storm also introduces readers to the Moriarty to Royce’s Sherlock in the form of a former friend turned enemy named Merrick.  I love the addition of Merrick as a sort of anti-Royce, a Royce without Hadrian as a sort-of moral high watermark to compare himself with, and while we don’t see him too often in The Emerald Storm his presence is keenly felt on just about every page.

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