Comic Thoughts: Superman Earth One

Superman: Earth One
Superman: Earth One

If you had cornered the 12-year-old me and asked him if he liked Superman, he would have likely responded with a derisive laugh.  For what it is worth back then I certainly enjoyed the spectacle of the Death of Superman and the following Reign of the Supermen, but I never would ever in a million years would ever have called myself a Superman fan.  Cut forward 15 years, and enter New Krypton.  Suddenly I was sold.  All of a sudden I’m buying not one Super title but three, religiously following the exploits of Supes and his family as the sudden appearance of Kandor, rescued from its bottle city, opened up a fascinating new element in the Superman mythos.  While that arc ended with War of the Supermen, and I’m still on board for J. Michael Straczynski’s “Grounded” arc happening in Superman.  However, “Grounded” is a far cry from sci-fi tinged action of New Krypton and War of the Supermen so, just I was starting to miss the big action of the last few years of Superman titles the JMS penned graphic novel Superman: Earth One was released last week.

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Comic Spotlight: New Krypton

I should preface this by saying that I was never a big Superman fan.  I never found him that compelling a character but a preview a month or two back for New Krypton Special got me sufficiently intrigued to start reading…and I got hooked.  Read on for some brief synopsis and my impressions…

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