Review: Stonewielder by Ian Cameron Esslemont

Stonewielder by Ian Cameron Esslemont
Stonewielder by Ian Cameron Esslemont

Ian Cameron Esslemont
Tor, 2011

When starting a Malazan novel my most frequent initial mental state is confusion.  This does not speak well for either myself or the novel concerned but has been almost universally true in the twelve or so novels I’ve read in this universe shared by Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont.  While Erikson and, to a lesser extent Esslemont (I speak mostly of volume), have created a vibrant and colorful world it is a necessarily muddy one as well.  When dealing with an empire composed various diverse (not to be confused with d’ivers) peoples the various gods, powers, continents, languages, etc. tend to have more than one name and, more frequently, a different flavor depending on who is talking or describing.  Throw in the fact that the novel’s have become increasingly interconnected, true in both the main series by Erikson and with Esslemont’s Malaz-centric series, and even most hardcore fans have to become easily lost in the quagmire of people, places, and plots. Continue reading “Review: Stonewielder by Ian Cameron Esslemont”