Review: Shadowrealm by Paul S. Kemp


Paul S. Kemp

Wizards of the Coast, 2008

Shadowrealm  is the third and final volume of Paul S. Kemp’s excellent Twilight War series.  The deadly shadow storm rages accross the Sembian country side and Chosen of Mask Erevis Cale finds unlikely allies in his fight against Kesson Rel.   Kemp contines his trend of great action and strong character development here but the finale is unfortunatley marred by the nature of “shared universe” fiction.  Read on for more…

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Shadowrealm sample!

I forgot in the hustle of the previous week the Mr. Paul S. Kemp posted a brief sample from his forthcoming book Shadowrealm.

Check it out here.

I really dug the previous books in this series and look forward to seeing the next novel.  At least I can always count on WotC not forcing me to import books.

Also, had a link to a sample chapter here.