Review: Heretics by S. Andrew Swann

Heretics by S. Andrew Swann
Heretics by S. Andrew Swann

Heretics (Apotheosis: Book 2)
S. Andrew Swann
DAW, 2010

Heretics is the sequel to 2009’s Prophets and is the second book of the Apotheosis series.  It picks up with events mere minutes after the previous volume though Swann uses the early section of the novel to bring readers somewhat up to speed, at leave when it comes to the bare bones of the plot from the first book.  The AI known as Adam has finally revealed himself and has begun his quest to “save” humanity by absorbing them into the collection of nanobots that comprise his physical existence.  The crew of the Eclipse, hired by the now dead AI Mosasa to discover what happened to a missing star, has been either captured by agents of the Caliphate or stranded on the planet Salmagundi below.  Elsewhere a soldier left to watch over a seldom-used wormhole is confronted by a strange occurrence that reveals a threat to the galaxy at large.

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Review: Prophets by S. Andrew Swann

Prophets by S. Andrew SwannProphets (Apotheosis: Book One)
S. Andrew Swann
DAW, 2009

Prophets marks the first book in a new series from S. Andrew Swann set in the same universe as two of his previous series (Hostile Takeover and Moreau). Set several centuries in the future Prophets begins 200 years after the fall of the human Confederacy (an organizations of human planets and colonies) and where the Roman Catholic Church represents a powerful political force in the expansion of human influence in the galaxy. A rising power, the islamic Eridani Caliphate, is quickly gaining ground on the Church while a third party, represented by the enigmatic Mr. Antonio, manipulates both governments and individuals towards a yet unknown goal. Prophets is a novel that covers all the standard space opera bases and covers them well. Unique and fascinating alien races, genetically engineered humans, sentient AI, political machinations, fascinating human cultures, and mystery are all present and accounted far. This might of made for a fairly generic story but Swann manages to weave a startling complexity and depth into each of those aspects and ties everything together with spiritual and religious themes that are overt but never obnoxious.
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