Review: Promised Land by Robert B. Parker

Promised Land by Robert B Parker
Promised Land by Robert B Parker

Promised Land
Robert B. Parker
Dell Books, 1992 (Orig. 1976)

I’m from an generation for whom Avery Brooks is best known for playing Captain Sisco of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  For another generation, and a different set of genre fans, he is perhaps better known for his 65 episode run as Hawk, PI Spenser’s sometime companion (who even had his own short lived series A Man Called Hawk), in the TV’s Spenser for Hire.  Hawk, though present in Promised Land, makes a fairly limited (and first) appearance; though it is an appearance the certainly leaves an impression.

Promised Land like many a detective story before it begins with a fairly simple missing persons case.  PI Spenser is hired by a suburban businessman to find his missing wife.  As things progress the plot takes a dramatic shift in two different directions when the missing wife gets entangled with some shady characters while her husband must fend off local toughs.  The plot is fairly light on the actual mystery elements shifting away from the hermeneutic mode towards a greater emphasis on examining how Spenser reacts to the situation  (thus creating apprehension and excitement via the proairetic code).

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