Best Horror of the Year: Mr. Pigsny by Reggie Oliver

Best Horror of the Year Volume 3 edited by Ellen Datlow
Best Horror of the Year Volume 3 edited by Ellen Datlow

-At the Riding School by Cody Goodfellow

Mr. Pigsny by Reggie Oliver

This was a rather interesting story one part Goodfellas and one part Faust.  A Cambridge professor takes his two nephews to the funeral of their gangster uncle.  There he meets the mysterious Mr. Pigsny (who in my imagination looked an awful lot like Pip the Troll) who reveals a strange photograph of the deceased capering in a bizarre landscape.  From there our erstwhile professor has several run ins with the titular Mr. Pigsny and some increasingly supernatural events occur.

Truth be told this story didn’t really do much for me.  Structurally it’s sound and the premise is interesting but the disparate elements never really came together  into a cohesive whole.  The entire story lacks any kind of threat, whether physical or mental, lending the story a (perhaps appropriate) academic feel.  The language itself definitely feels like something a Cambridge professor would use.  While Mr. Pigsny is certainly a sinister figure he doesn’t really seem to do much.  I couldn’t help put imagine the Professor shrugging at the end of the story and moving on with his life as if nothing happened.  As far as I can see there was no meaningful impact on the main character’s life.  Mr. Pigsny is a far cry from the quality of the previous story.