Review: Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton

Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton
Del Rey, 2013

Great North Road, a monstrous door-stopping novel by sci-fi veteran Peter F. Hamilton, was a book that took me some considerable time to actually finish. Great North Road is a novel with a lot of moving parts and with something of an identity crisis in terms of how it approaches its story. The story opens with the discovery of a murdered North clone (the North’s are a powerful business family of clones who dominate with both science and industry) which, in addition to being a big deal given the political clout of the North, also bears a troubling resemblance to a slew of murders which occurred on the distant world of St. Libra; murders supposedly committed by an unidentified alien creature who has not been seen since. Things spiral out from the kernel of the murder investigation to encompass a military expedition to St. Libra.

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