Something Vaguely Resembling a Review of New Moon

New Moon by Stephanie MeyerNew Moon picks up several months after Twilight with Bella and Edward starting their senior year of high school.  It isn’t long into the book before an incident at the Cullen’s house reminds Edward that he is a vampire so in his century-old wisdom decides the best thing to do is abandon Bella and run away.  Bella is, it turns out, completely codependent and has a mental breakdown as a result.  The conflict of the novel stems from there as Bella struggles to come to terms with Edward’s departure by avoiding the topic completely then abandoning that tactic and latches onto another overtly-male-though-less-androgynous-but-still-beautiful character Jacob Black.  That encapsulated plot might sound harsh but here’s the kicker: a kind of liked it.

Wait!  Don’t go!  Let me at least explain myself!

Starting New Moon was hard.  Really hard.  I honestly didn’t really want to read it but being I librarian investigating, or at least making an attempt to understand, reading habits is part of the job.  Not everyone likes what I read and I don’t like what everyone else reads but I still need to be able to recommend books.  As a participant in and observer of contemporary pop-culture I felt an obligation to investigate the phenomenon of Stephanie Myers’ Twilight series.  Despite both of those very academic reasons for starting this journey I still struggled mightily in sitting down and getting started.  My mind kept thinking of all the great genre fiction I could be reading I even put the book down with intent of finding another choice.

Then something happened….

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