Review: Keeping It Real by Justina Robson

Keeping It Real by Justina Robson
Keeping It Real by Justina Robson

Keeping It Real (Quantum Gravity Book 1)
Justina Robson
Pyr, 2007

In all honesty it was the back of August’s Chasing the Dragon that helped form my decision to read Keeping It Real.  I remember when the series first hit and thinking that it sounded cool but I somehow managed to never pick it up.  Set in a world where a “Quantum Bomb” has opened up the gateways between  the dimensions that are home to humans, elves, demons, faeries, and elementals Agent Lila Black is almost more machine then human.  Her body rebuilt after a botched diplomatic mission Lila first assignment is to protect popular elven rock star Zal.   What might have been a simple bodyguard mission turns into something more when Zal becomes the target of mysterious and powerful figures.  While it didn’t blow me away I found Keeping It Real to be an exciting ride set in an original world.

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