Some thoughts on re-reading Gardens of the Moon

Gardens of the Moon
Gardens of the Moon (the ok cover, not the stupid US cover)

I first came upon Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series on the old wotmania (RIP) Other Fantasy forums and quickly ordered a paperback copy of Gardens of the Moon from  I blew through the novel in a matter of days and was absolutely floored by what I read.  Sure it dragged in some sections, and focused on a surprising number of characters for an opening novel in a series but there was something special about Erikson’s world.  A world where gods, and beings of great power visit mortal realms and where men and women dip into godly realms with a seeming ease.  Where power comes at a great personal cost.  It was a world filled more with the strange and terrifying than the wondrous and the amazing and for some reason, for me at least, that made it feel all the more real.

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