Review: The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges

The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges
The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges

The Office of Shadow
Matthew Sturges
Pyr, 2010

The Office of Shadow is the sequel the Sturge’s novel debut Midwinter.  Midwinter, the tale of a disgraced soldier and his prisoner cohorts who are sent on a suicide mission on behalf of the fey queen Titania was an entertaining though somewhat flawed debut.  The Office of Shadow take one of those criminals, Silverdun, a womanizing elf lord in Midwinter and a somewhat bored priest here and turns him into a Shadow; a spy and assassin for the summer queen.  Where in Midwinter I criticized Silverdun as something of foil for Mauritane, the hero of Midwinter, in The Office of Shadow the rakish lord really comes into his own and the sly, sarcastic wit of the previous book is given added depth and motivation for his action in service to the crown.  Silverdun isn’t the only one expanded upon here as Sturges does a great job at adding to the background history of his version of Faerie from the religious conflicts, to the nature of magic, and even the rivalry between the two fey queens Sturges manages to touch upon all without diverging from the rapid fire pacing that makes this novel a joy to read. Continue reading “Review: The Office of Shadow by Matthew Sturges”