I <3 George Broussard

It’s only a quick endcap to a slightly longer interview but this represents the first new footage of Duke Nukem Forever we’ve seen since….E3 2001?  Does it look revolutionary?  Not really.  But it sure as hell looks fun, lot’s of shit getting blown up, and some classic weapons rendered in 3d.  With PC Gamer’s hints at some big announcements in this month’s issue one can only hope.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an embedded video (needs flash 9 and hates Firefox 3) interview starts somehwere around 3 Minutes in.


Missed the preview pic:    Duke is a Baddass:

Just spotted this over at kotaku this morning, but it seems a trailer for DNF (in development since the beginning of time) will be released today, 12/19, at around noon central standard time (2 pm for us east coasters).  My heart nearly stopped when I saw that and I immediately checked the date to make sure I had not somehow timewarped to April 1st.  I’m both scared and excited to see what the game will look like.  Last we saw of DNF was a trailer at E3 around 2001 believe, since then I think the old engine has been scrapped and rewritten and the only previews seen were a couple of tiny photos in a magazine.

Anyway, check back after 2 for links and comment.

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