Review: Dauntless (Lost Fleet) by Jack Campbell (audio)

Lost Fleet: Dauntless
Lost Fleet: Dauntless

The Lost Fleet: Dauntless
Jack Campbell
Audible Frontiers, 2008

Audible Frontiers has so far done a bang up job of producing accessible and quality productions of recent and classic science fiction and fantasy works and their release of Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet: Dauntless is no exception.  One of my favorite things so far is that they often include an introductory note by the author (true for this audiobook and for Mike Resnick’s Starship series) that give a little bit of background information on how the title came about and some of the thematic notions that spurred the authors into writing what they did.  For Dauntless, Campbell explains that one of his inspirations were the notion of ancient heroes and particularly the Ten Thousand.  In terms of the former Campbell focuses his attention on John “Blackjack” Geary.  Geary, who secured a victory in the opening phases of war with the Syndicate was subsequently believed dead.  Flash ahead a century or so and the novel opens with Geary, whose cryochamber has recently been discovered finds himself struggling to adjust to living again.  Of course it’s more than that as those hundred plus years have served to transform what was a simple desperate battle for survival on Geary’s part into something much more mythic and turning the man into a legendary hero. Continue reading “Review: Dauntless (Lost Fleet) by Jack Campbell (audio)”