Animated Buffy clip

Never made it to production but damn if this slick little clip (obviously influenced by the Bruce Timm DC animation of recent years) wouldn’t have made entertaining Saturday morning viewing.

Thanks, Aint it Cool


Last Week’s Best Comics- 3/5

Descriptions later:

Echo #1 (Terry Moore)
Having missed out on Strangers in Paradise I finally get to experience some Terry Moore. I knew nothing about this book going in and was pleasantly surprised to find it’s a sci-fi tale. Mostly set up, but off to an interesting start. Combined with last week’s RASL from Jeff Smith we have the two biggest “indie” writers starting new series; definatly a good thing.
BtVS Season 8 #12: Wolves at the Gate (Drew Goddard and Georges Jeanty)
My man crush on geek general Xander Harris wins out here. Spouting awesomely ridiculous one-liners (“My Beautiful Burning Eye!” “Merciful Zeus!”) good ‘ol Xander reminds me why he’s my favorite character in the Buffyverse. Also, Buffy mostly naked with other chick mostly naked. Situational comedy does work well in comics.
Logan #1 (of 3) (Brian K Vaughn and Eduardo Risso)
Another week, another Wolverine comic. I wanted to hate it but couldn’t. It seems we’re going to get a chance to see Wolvie vs. an atomic bomb. Pick up the black and white variant if you can.