Is this what my life has come to?

I sit down I my computer.  I open up my e-mail.  I hit Ctrl+T to open a new tab and what is the first website I go to?

This week it’s  Their daily changing splash image hyping their upcoming announcement of a “mystery” has me in its thrall.  I have fond memories of the Diablo games, though I never actually managed to finish either, and kind of hope we say that announcement but only time will tell. Joking comment about a new Lost Vikings game would certainly fit with ice motif they’ve chosen but doesn’t jar the more serious vibe the splash image implies.

In the meantime check out the background images below to see the changes:

Splash Image 1

Splash Image 2

Splash Image 3

Splash Image 4

Of course the wonderful nerds over at Kotaku have been all a twitter discussing the various aspects of said splash image.  Hype is fun, isn’t it?