Review: Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

Blood Song by Anthony Ryan
Orbit Books, 2013

Blood Song is a title that has been sitting in my Kindle library for quite a while now but for some reason I just hadn’t read it yet. With Orbit have re-released Blood Song this year I decided to finally give in and read it. Vaelin Al Sorna is our primary narrator for the tale in Blood Song. Given at young age by his father to a Monastic order of warrior monks (one of Six Orders) Vaelin rises through their ranks, acquiring a handful of companions: human, canine, and equine. Vaelin eventually comes to the attention of the King and is drawn into the world of politics, his father was the King’s most trusted General, and becomes embroiled in the King’s plans for economic conquest. Meanwhile, mysterious forces work behind the scenes manipulating events and magic to prepare the way for “the one who waits.”

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