Review: A Rising Thunder by David Weber

A Rising Thunder by David Weber
A Rising Thunder by David Weber

A Rising Thunder (Honor Harrington #13)
David Weber
Baen, 2012

The library was sent a copy of David Weber’s A Rising Thunder via the fine folks at Baker and Taylor and snagged it the second I saw it. I’ve spoken of the Honorverse before and my love of Weber’s magnificent space opera series. Along with Campbell’s Lost Fleet series the Honor Harrington novels are ranked at the top of my sci-fi series list and I’m always excited when a new books comes out. That was made all the worse this time out thanks to Weber’s frustrating cliffhanger at the end of Mission of Honor. Thankfully A Rising Thunder takes all the awesome and amazing moments built upon in the previous book and really rolls things forward.

Some spoilers ahead from Mission of Honor so if you have yet to read that book stop here.

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