Inches Closer to Armageddon

In what almost amounts to a continuing series on the pending robot apocalypse we have this news bit about an early generation replicating computer. While it is primarily design to easy production of everyday items it’s creator hopes it can be used make other computers.

Scariest sentence:  “The machine has also successfully copied all of its own structural pieces.”

At least we can be comforted that it isn’t being made by Japanese company CYBERDYNE, creators of, and I shit you not, HAL (the hybrid assistive limb).

I <3 George Broussard

It’s only a quick endcap to a slightly longer interview but this represents the first new footage of Duke Nukem Forever we’ve seen since….E3 2001?  Does it look revolutionary?  Not really.  But it sure as hell looks fun, lot’s of shit getting blown up, and some classic weapons rendered in 3d.  With PC Gamer’s hints at some big announcements in this month’s issue one can only hope.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an embedded video (needs flash 9 and hates Firefox 3) interview starts somehwere around 3 Minutes in.

Bring on the cyborg future

It’s always good to end the week with the knowledge that our society is that little bit closer to creating our cyborg overlords.  From Dean Kamen (the guy who brought you the Segway scooter) comes “Luke”, a robotic arm controlled by a series of pressure pads and other controls.  In addition to being just plain badass and a far more useful display of Kamen’s technological genius than the Segway,  it movies us one creepy step further into cyborg territory.  Soon this king of technology will pave the way for the true cyborgs who will inevitably rely on eugenics in an attempt to perfect their remaining human components while forcing the rest of us to do their bidding.

But wait, you say…there’s a huge flaw in this plan.  Everyone knows that cyborg software technology often warps the human brain, turning the “person” into a promiscuous nymphomaniac.  How will the cyborgs keep from diluting the gene pool of their robotic master race?  An Australian research team found the simple answer: remote controlled implants that can block the vas deferens.  Now these horrible combinations of man and machine can hump anything that will sit still long enough and not have to worry about pregnancy unless they decide to allow it.   And as a huge added benefit, they can install them in the rest of us non-cyborgs to keep our population under control.  Leave it to Australians to mess up our only hope: overpowering them with sheer numbers.

Thou shall not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind

About 36 seconds into this video, I became very concerned for future of the human race.

Rest assured that when the robots come to enslave us, they will appear in forms approximating metallic goats. And they will not be easily knocked over. Although I’m assuming by the time they’re actually aware enough to start their conquest that there will be a wide variety of robotic quadripeds leading the charge. Goats are just the beginning and, while ill-tempered, presumably the people beyond this traveshamockery will push production into more exotic and deadly species of animals. Just imagine an army of robot tigers, robot crocodiles, robot platypi (they’re poisonous)…all impervious to fear and pain…all difficult to knock over.

We might want to nip this thing in the bud.

Mike Says:  Courtesy of JoCo via BoingBoing via the Onion:  a vision of the future:


Missed the preview pic:    Duke is a Baddass:

Just spotted this over at kotaku this morning, but it seems a trailer for DNF (in development since the beginning of time) will be released today, 12/19, at around noon central standard time (2 pm for us east coasters).  My heart nearly stopped when I saw that and I immediately checked the date to make sure I had not somehow timewarped to April 1st.  I’m both scared and excited to see what the game will look like.  Last we saw of DNF was a trailer at E3 around 2001 believe, since then I think the old engine has been scrapped and rewritten and the only previews seen were a couple of tiny photos in a magazine.

Anyway, check back after 2 for links and comment.

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