Warning! Information Science Ahead

I have a terrible habit of ignoring some of my work-related feeds in favor of the non-worked related video game or hardware enthusiast feeds but this morning I decided to actually read the headlines on my ReadWriteWeb feed and managed to fine not one, but two good articles.

The first, and most interesting, by Marshall Kirkpatrick, discusses the Semantic Web.  The article, Will the Semantic Web Have a Gender?, is what I read as one of the first (or maybe I’ve just missed those articles) deconstructionist arguments about the Semantic Web.  The article veers away from it’s titular focus and delves a bit more into the nature and definition of knowledge and looks at the viability of current epistemological leanings as they pertain to the development of the semantic web and makes for really fascinating reading.  The article isn’t particularly in depth but it is certainly thought provoking and well worth a read.

The second article, by Sarah Perez, discusses in brief the development of Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect is Facebook’s attempt to use their social networking service as a sort of hub for all your social networking needs allowing you to pull in and aggregate your various social networking activites.  My recent adoption of the Digsby client has definatley shown me the allure of that prospect and I will certainly be keeping an eye on that project.  Perez, also mentions how Facebook has changed quite a bit over the years from its initial exclusionary practices to a more open network.  Again interesting stuff that if your interesting in the social web either from an academic, profesional or personal perspective might be worth a read.

Anyhoo, I now return you to your regularly scheduled geek programming.

The Man Called Tefko

Yesterday in my Principles of Searching class Dr. Tefko Saracevic gave a presentation on the Invisible Web. For you unedumucated folk out there the Invisible Web is the vast amount of material not accesible via typical search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.).

Especially interesting were three search engines which give graphical results:

Vivisimo: This only gives results in a cluster tree, but fun for finding related materials that you might not be aware of.

Webbrain: This displays results in a graphic concept web on the top of the screen. Again like above it is good identifying various satelite concepts related to a search. Requires Java.

KartOO: Less precise but more interesting, KartOO, displays icons via flash that link to possibly related concepts. There is a standard topic tree on the left. This is fun from an experimental point of view but seems less useful than either of the other two. Requires Flash.

All in all it was an interesting pesentation that dumped a crapload of new and interesting web based sources right into my lap. If you’re interested in seing the powerpoint or a list of sources let me know and I’ll see what I can do.