Bring the sexy to your PC

Extremetech has a great buying guide for gaming keyboards and mice.  My G5 still looks to be a favorite though the new G9 and even Microsoft’s new Sidewinder look they might be worth a look if the price drops.

My poor keyboard is looking pretty beat up and some of these new gaming keyboards look pretty damn sexy.  The ideazon MERC stealth looks pretty badass but the upcoming Saitek Cyborg keyboard mentioned at the end of the article looks like it might just be the right melding of functionality and cheese to suit my taste for the absurd.

 Anyway head on over and check it out. 

It begins…..

Is upgrading my computer a good idea? Probably not….doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do it anyway. Phase 1 and 2 of my yet to be determined upgrade plan arrived this week. I give you now Phase 1:

Box of Excitement

The Samsung 226BW 22 inch flat panel monitor. Now the goodies inside this box ‘o fun:

the nougat center

Set up was a breeze, god bless the inventor of plug and play, and (one broken glass full of pens later):

The man in green

22 inches of shiny goodness. Also, coming later in the week, a replacement of my 350 watt power supply with a brand spankin’ new 500 watt power supply. The nvidia Geforce 8 series (in particular the 8800 line) of video cards have a pretty big minimum power standard (400 watts) and if I want the gaming power I needs me power! I certainly want teh 7337 r0x0r p0vv3r…ahem! ‘Scuse me, my inner geek got the best of me.

To the rest of you fools out there let me take a brief moment to impress upon you the awesomeness that is New If you want electronics on the net screw the big guys head on over to New Egg. I ordered this monitor yesterday morning, 3 day shipping is the standard and it rocks a hard one. Indeed the price of getting my monitor in something barely over 24 hours was a mere $15. Not too shabby if you ask me. Anyway, pray hard folks that during my next case-cracking adventure I don’t somehow ‘splode my computer.