Note: I am alive.

With Sandy having ravaged the east coast I’ve been a bit quiet here. I am alive and my home is intact and other than an brief interruption in power things have been relatively normal. However, working at a library things have been absolutely packed as we scramble to keep our services (and in some cases extend our services) to those still suffering from the massive power outages across New Jersey. Thanks to the lines at gas stations, downed trees, and lack of power commuting has been a bit of a hassle. Needless to say things are slowly edging back towards normal and I should be able to actually post more this week.

Several online news sources have some excellent photos to really cover how devastating the storm was to the area including the Huffington Post, The Weather Channel, and for a more individual look the Sandy subreddit.

If you’re so inclined to lend a hand the following agencies are accepting donations:

American Red Cross

The Salvation Army


October Summary

Early October with the sudden and unexpected hacking of my gmail account (then used to send out email for a modified 419 scam) scared me away from the internet for a bit which slowed both my reading and my posting here. I’m slowly coming back now and managed to kick out quite a few reviews last week. Unfortunately a previously scheduled four-day weekend worked against me since it was rather full of plans including w00tstock NY (awesome!), a Halloween party (awesome!), copious amounts of Fallout: New Vegas (also awesome!), and a pretty wicked cold (not so awesome). I am still just over halfway finished with both The House of Lost Souls and The Terror. Unfortunately, both those reads will be put on a slight hiatus as I plow through today’s big new release: The Towers of Midnight.  Also this month my little rant on the difficulty of finding new horror novels was republished over at io9, a fact I considered to add at least a +2 to my geek cred.  I do have another Comic Thoughts post I’m working on, but I find talking about comics a lot harder than fiction (I don’t know why) this one on the fantastic Superman: Earth One.  I’m also just about done with the audio version of Bujold’s Cryoburn, her return to Miles Vorkosigan and wish there were more just around the corner; if you haven’t read anything by Bujold you really ought to!  The full list of my October reviews is below.

Powerglove: Saturday Morning Apocalypse

Out of the Dark by David Weber

Chasing the Dragon by Nicholas Kauffman

Handling the Undead by John Adjvide Linqvist

Solomon’s Grave by Daniel G Keohane

The Lucid Dreaming by Lisa Morton

The Caretaker of Lorne Field by Dave Zeltserman