Stormlight Archive Mini-Post

I just finished my re-read of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings and I’m now rolling directly into Words of Radiance. I’m not going to rehash a second review of Way of Kings, initial excitement aside my thoughts from my review still stand. I can add some additional bullet points:

  • I don’t like Kaladin’s flashback chapters. During this second read-through they felt a bit clunky and de-railed the story’s momentum. I understand their importance in establishing Kaladin’s multiple betrayals and his father’s influence in his life but they really derailed the plot for me.
  • Knowing more about Shallan actually helped in my second read. I spent less time wondering how she fit into the grand scheme of things and more time enjoying her wit and observations.
  • Surgebinding feels very much like a evolution, a streamlining, of allomancy from Sanderson’s  Mistborn series. Surgebinding allows for visually impressive action, any scene involving Szeth is something I’d love to see in motion, without the complexity of Allomancy.
  • Wit, remains one of my favorite parts of The Way of Kings and hope he returns in Words of Radiance.
  • Despite the importance of the Kholin family there is surprisingly little information on Renarin. Maybe that will change in the next book.
  • I love the villain reveal as well as the revelation about the Voidbringers.
  • Reading Mark Lawrence and digging on Numenera has warped my perceptions a bit but there is a bit of science fantasy vibe here. It’s probably my imagination combined with how shardplate reminds me of power armor.

Anyway, I had a blast re-reading this book and am eager to jump into Words of Radiance. If you didn’t have time to re-read The Way of Kings on your own I highly suggest you take a look at’s When We Last Left Our Heroes: The Way of Kings in Ten Minutes.

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