30 Day Video Game Challenge: Days 22-23

Day 22:  A Game Sequel That Disappointed Me

Insterstate ’82.  Hands down.  Developed in house at Activision it dumbs down the customization options for vehicles (not quite to Twisted Metal-like levels) and given the emphasis on “don’t get out of the car” in the first game the fact that you can leave your car in the second game makes little to no sense.  The game is such a non-entity that I can barely remember the plot save that involved tracking down Groove Champion.  Simplified mechanics, lackluster storytelling, and “advanced” graphics that lack the charm of the original make for a decidedly sour taste on the tongue.

Day 23: Game You Yhink had the Best graphics or Art Style

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.  To this day I think the vibrant cell-shaded graphics are more expressive than any Zelda game since.  Some decried the move, especially after the realistic Gamecube tech demo at the time, but I thought that Wind Waker’s bright colors and fluid motion were absolutely gorgeous.

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