30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 20: Favorite Genre

This one goes hands down to role playing games.  Not that massively multiplayer garbage.  Old school, 40+ hour, RPGs.  With cloth maps!  Hack and slash or story based there are few kinds of RPGs I don’t enjoy.  Over recent years there has been a lot of RPG bleed through into other genre.  In some cases this is a mechanical effect: loot, experience, levels and in others it is a bit more subtle.  Something like Mass Effect 2 is an RPG, but at the same time it’s action heavy gameplay mean it trends towards an action game as well.  I used to joke that ability enhancing equipment in Tiger Woods were magic items; was I wrong?  Everything from Call of Duty to Halo: Reach have turned to the carrot of experience points (or credits, or whatever) to lead you ever onward.


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