30 Day VGC Days 11 and 12

Missed another day!  This has been a busy weeks as I finally have some kind of feedback on a work project.  Anyway, here goes.

Day 11: Gaming System of Choice

This one falls by default to the PC.  Despite having more friends playing on other systems the PC has been the rock solid foundation of my gaming world.  From early modem-to-modem DukeMatch to dabbling with the original EverQuest to glassy eyed clicking on the hordes in Diablo I have always been a PC gamer at heart.  Sure I’ve strayed in the past and even now I’ll sometimes pick up a multiplayer shooter on the 360 since I’m more likely to find friends there but by and large I’ll take my trusty mouse and WASD over any peripheral ever made.

Day 12: A Game Everyone Should Play

You’ll likely see this title again further on in the list but it’s about time I looked back on Interstate ’76.  Say what you want about arcade car action games but no game world, especially an original game world, has ever enthralled me quite so much as the muscle-car strewn world of fuel-seeking auto-vigilantes.  After the game came out and after its expandsion the franchise saw ever increasing simplification spawning the Vigilante 8 series which abandoned the simulation, story, and customization parts of the game for a more Twisted Metal like approach.  But the original….oh the original.  From its wondrous funktastic soundtrack, fast-paced action, unique characters, and undeniable attitude Interstate ’76 is a game that every fan of action games should play.  I still long for an in depth return of this franchise.  Thankfully for an inexpensive $5.99 you can still experience this game! (Assuming you can get the game to work properly this is not Good Old Games best work.)

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