30 Day VGC Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

This is another tough one.  As my free time has decreased over the years and as multiple and changing interests compete for free time it has become rapidly apparent that all video games are my guilty pleasure.  Seriously.  My weeknights have, at most, about 4 hours of genuine free time.  Between reading, video games, friends, and various other activities (I do rather like to cook sometimes) how I decide to use that scant time is extraordinarily competitive.  When the weekend rolls around and I have an actual large chunk of precious time there is a part of me that longs to huddle around the flickering monitor and shut away the world as I explored the twisted landscape of The Zone, fight back the Blight, or prowl the decks of the Normandy but, inevitably, the questions start.  Isn’t there something constructive I should be doing?  So I power down and trundle out into life once more dreaming of other worlds.  This isn’t something I’ve been able to break.  It’s easier to avoid in the winter as “being trapped by snow” is an excellent excuse to do nothing, but in the spring and summer, it is extraordinarily difficult to feel content to have spent a sunny day ensconced in a darkened room but man, do I want to!

So, there you have it: all video games are my guilty pleasure.

One thought on “30 Day VGC Day 4: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

  1. hippogriff

    My guilty pleasure game would be a toss-up between Burnout 2 and Split Second. I love racers and even if I only have ten minutes available, I can sit down and run a couple of races, wreck some cars, kick in the turbo, watch an airplane crash as I race…guilty pleasure indeed!

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