30 Day VGC Day 3: A Game that Is Underrated

OK, now things get interesting!  How do I pick from the list of games I’ve managed to eke enjoyment out of?  My friend Rick covered the glory that is the 007 Agent Under Fire.  Sure it was no GoldenEye but the host of customization options and gadgets in multiplayer matches made for countless memorable sessions: grappling hooks, jetpacks, low gravity, increased speed each made the game far better than it had any right to be.  But, like I said, Rick already covered that.  Instead I’m going way out into left field and picking: Star Wars: Clone Wars on the Nintendo Gamecube.

The most frustrating of the Star Wars prequels turned out a rather entertaining video game.  Well, at least in multiplayer I don’t think I ever played a second of the single player.  It is the game that gave birth to “Jedi Bob” the most frighteningly generic character model I have seen.  Two specific multiplayer modes sucked up several hours of entertainment with friends.  The first was an arena mode (Academy) in which you and several friends would face off against seemingly endless hordes of aliens storming the arena.  Every few waves would result in a Duel Mode in which you could betray your friends.  Silly, mindless, and quite satisfying.

But the real fun, for me at least, was a vehicle based action/RTS hybrid not unlike Activision’s 90s remake of Battlezone.  As either the Rebpulic or the Separatists you would build up your base and assault your opponent’s base.  The options were limited but it was a multiplayer mode that the then-current generation of consoles had yet to see.  It was 2v2 match that was suprisingly entertaining and had some of the finest and most responsive vehicle controls I’ve seen in any video game to date.  I would have loved to see a console based game that took this “Conquest” mode and ran with it whole hog.  Alas, it was not to be.  The action starts at about 1:22

And you can see “Jedi Bob” on the left at the start of this video (subsequent gameplay is sped up):

One thought on “30 Day VGC Day 3: A Game that Is Underrated

  1. hippogriff

    I’ll go with another Gamecube game for my underrated choice – Eternal Darkness. I absolutely love that game.

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