30 Day Video Game Challnege Day 1: First Game

OK, I don’t often participate in memes but a number of my Facebook friends have been participating in this one  (which is around in various incarnation across the net).  I figured it might be worth a spin.

Day 1:  The First Game You Ever Played

This is a tough one.  The first game I really remember playing was The Legend of Zelda on the NES.  This doesn’t make sense since  my NES came with Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet.  We got an NES late and my parents got the package with the triple cart, light gun, and power pad.  I remember cheating at the long jump in World Class Track Meet (jump off the pad).  I also have non-specific memories of my parent’s Atari.  All that said I’m sticking with the Triple Cart from my NES as the source for my first game.

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