A Dose of Awesome

Sometimes you come across something that speaks to you on a primal level.  You see this think and your world is changed…forever.  This is what happened to me yesterday when I saw this:

Super Dinosaur #1
Super Dinosaur #1

BAM! Your life will never be the same again!  Super Dinosaur is the latest book, this time an all-ages title, by the nigh unstoppable Robert Kirkman.  There is something about Kirkman’s work that goes back to the days of yore.  His creations are homages to the classic brightly clad superheroes of the Golden Age.  As my eyes wandered across the new release shelves and fell upon that stupendous cover you see above my face broke into a huge grin and I felt like a damned kid again.  In that comic’s pages is all exuberance and fun of childhood unburdened by fear or alternate realities or crisises of any kind.  It is silly, and fun, and just about all you could ask for in a comic.

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