Unofficial, Impromptu, Unintentded: Welcome to Cherie Priest Week

So the fact that I finished Bloodshot last week, and listened through the audio version of Clementine means I’ve decided to give over this week to Cherie Priest titles.  I’ve snagged Dreadnought as well and will hopefully be finishing that novel soon (especially since I decided to make this all “official” and what not)!   For those unfamiliar with Cherie Priest feel free to check out some of my earlier reviews of her work:

Fathom (Strong narrative drive combined with a fascinating use of combined and borrowed mythologies makes for an entertaining modern day fantasy.)

Those Who Went Remain There Still (Still my favorite Priest work. Should be available digitally now. A novel about home and the, sometimes literal, monsters that reside there.)

Boneshaker (The first Clockwork Century novel with strong characters in a vivid alt-history Steampunk zombie-filled version of a downtrodden 19th century Seattle.)

One day I’ll get around to reading the Eden Moore novels (Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Wings to the Kingdom, and Not Flesh For Feathers) as well as Dreadful Skin.   Both  Eden Moore (a horror influenced, paranormal tinged southern gothic series) and Dreadful Skin (about a nun tracking down a werewolf during the Civil War)  sound right up my ally.  This time out though I’ll be sticking to her newer work.  For those new to Cherie Priest you can find her on the web either on her own site or via her twitter account.

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