Comic Thoughts (10/6/10)

I buy a lot of comics.  More than I should.  I rarely talk about them.  I’m going to due my best to change that right here.  I won’t go into detail with every comic I’ve bought in a given week rather I’ll try to highlight the standouts from the previous week.  Last Thursday’s email debacle kept me occupied to the point of major distraction so I missed on posting this then.  Last week was an all Marvel week for me with three titles that had me pretty well floored (note: All three featured Wolverine, this is a problem Marvel has. That dude is everywhere).

Uncanny X-Force #1 (Rick Remender and Jerome Opena)

I skipped most of Marvel previous X-Force reboot which featured a black-ops kill squad lead by Wolverine.  The title was a bit grim for my tastes and just wasn’t my cup of tea.  The re-reboot (?) of that series on the other hand has two reasons for me to read: Deadpool and Fantomex.  The merc-with-a-mouth you all know, Fantomex probably not so much.   Fantomex was created by Grant Morrison during his run on New X-Men back in 2002.  A snooty “french” mutant-sentinel hybrid (yeah) created by the Weapon Plus program Fantomex has been one of my favorite new characters in recent years.  Being a Morrison creation he has a bevy oddball powers: an external nervous system called E.V.A. (that also serves as transport), nanites in his blood that make him an arrogant agnostic, and multiple brains.  He is bizarre and I love it.  So, seeing him on the cover, I had to pick this up.  I’m glad I did since Remember seems to enjoy Fantomex as much as due letting the weird mutant’s internal monologue provide a refreshing and coldly analytical outsider’s view on this weird team consisting of Wolverine, Archangel, Psyclocke and the aforementioned Deadpool.  Remender handles characters adeptly providing disturbing insight Angel/Archangels disturbing new schizophrenic personality, and using Deadpool’s amusing self-narration as an excellent contrast to Fantomex’s internal observations.  Jerome Opena’s art is a move in the right direction from the grim and gritty style of the previous title with a vibrancy and attention to detail that serves these very kinetic characters quite nicely.  Marvel, as we all know, can’t keep anyone dead for long, and this title is testament to that fact as it sees the return of very major X-villain.  Keep an eye on this title; it is a major improvement over the first series and looks to be one hell of a ride.

Wolverine #2 (Jason Aaron and Renato Guedes)

After too many disappointments I promised myself I would never read a Wolverine title.  The premise of Wolverine’s solo reboot changed my tune.  You see it seems that someone has killed Wolverine.  The Canadian furball finds himself in hell pitted against an army of spirits he himself has slain.  Meanwhile something has possessed his body in the real world and is targeting the people he knows and loves.  It is a fairly fresh take on a Wolverine story and Aaron is doing a neat job in dipping into the stable of characters we’ve seen from Wolverine’s past.  The enjoyable ride so far I look forward to finding out what mysterious character is behind Logan’s current predicament.

Chaos War #1 (Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente)

I like self-contained “event” stories and that looks to be what Chaos War will be.  Hercules, the Prince of Power himself is back thanks to the machinations of his friend Amadeus Cho.  Charged with more power that he knows how to handle his new-found omnipotence has revealed a new threat.  The Chaos King, Mikobashi (last scene as part of the “God Squad” during Secret Invasion) has enslaved an army of beings bent on returning the universe to the primordial chaos he loves.  This is the Pak I enjoyed so much during Planet Hulk and World War Hulk and less the Pak from more messy action that has been going on the Hulk titles of late.  I had a lot of fun with Incredible Hercules and I’m glad to see Herc back in action here.  This looks like it’ll be a fun ride, which is exactly what I want from my superhero comics!


Ok, that’s it for this week.  Hopefully I’ll have something new for you later in the week.

2 thoughts on “Comic Thoughts (10/6/10)

  1. Kimmy-Chan

    if you like comics, you should try manga. if you have not heard of it (which would be sad) it is a Japanese graphic novel (comic book) that you read right to left. There are all kinds of genres, like comedy, action, fantasy, etc. I have only heard of it for the past year, and my book shelf is stuffed full of them. If you don’t care, trash this. 😀

    1. I have heard of manga and only did into it occasionally. To date I’ve only read a bit of Berserk (since I was a fan of the anime) and Claymore (sense of a theme yet?).

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