Powerglove: Saturday Morning Apocalypse

So I found out that I somehow missed Powerglove’s new album Saturday Morning Apocalypse was released last Tuesday. For those that don’t know (I’m assuming that is many) Powerglove are a bunch of dudes in custom armor who play covers of video game music charged with power metal.  They are, in a word, awesome.  Sadly it seems that their two previous albums are currently unavailable, which is a shame, but I take solace in the fact that they are still touring and producing new tunes.

If the title wasn’t enough of a clue Saturday Morning Apocalypse is a CD loaded with power metal renditions of your favorite cartoons.   There are a number of missing tracks from cartoons that I would have liked to have heard, particularly G. I. Joe and a cover of “Under the Sea” the band mentioned in the news section of the website, but by and large these songs bring back fond memories of Saturday mornings (and in the case of “The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest” evenings) spent having fun.

The CD opens with perhaps the quintessential 90s cartoon:  X-Men.   An epic opener if ever there was one, the theme song from X-Men was already pretty metal so what the guys did here is pretty awesome and they didn’t have to stray too far from what already existed.  Next up is the theme to Pokemon, the original Pokemon, “Gotta Catch ’em All.”  The instrumental track is good but the album close is the vocal version featuring guest vocalist Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica.  The track is pretty ridiculous and makes me wish that Kakko had lent his talents to the theme to Transformers that sits in the middle of the album.  Three Danny Elfman songs appear on the album.  The theme from Batman, This is Halloween, and The SimpsonsThe Simpsons in particular features some absolutely ridiculous guitar work that left me slack jawed though not nearly as much as the craziness that is the Inspector Gadget theme.  I was both surprised and pleased at the inclusion of the theme from The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, a show I remember enjoying and a theme song that I’ve always thought kicked some major ass.

In truth I think that Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man was a stronger outing, the songs showing just a touch more originality and flair then on Saturday Morning Apocalypse.  Don’t get me wrong, Saturday Morning Apocalypse, is still 100% pure awesome but there is a more a straightforward approach to the arrangements then either Total Pwnage or Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man.   Regardless you can grab the CD for about $13 or the MP3 album for $7 over at amazon.com and if you’re a fan of cartoons (and grew up in the 90s) I highly recommend giving it a shot.  The band has been picked up by E1 Music so there will certainly be more to come in the future and hopefully they’ll find a way to reintroduce their older albums back into the market.

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