Tor is Evil

I mentioned earlier this week that the Prologue for The Towers of Midnight is available for purchase (bn, amazon).  There is also a later chapter, a product of the recent Great Hunt game, over on Sanderson’s website. Also, the pretty awesome book trailer (see below).  But what does all of this mean?  That the wait for the next month before the book is actually out is going to be agonizing!

Yes I bought and read the Prologue.  This was a probably a mistake since I don’t really need to be more excited but I did and I am.  Sure, Perrin’s brooding grates some but I’m hoping (expecting?) we’ll finally get some resolution in the regard over the course of this novel.  But the rest of the prologue…man…that was just mean Tor…..downright mean.  Sure you guys can’t push up that pub date about 30 days or so?  Come on.  You know you want to.

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