The Mongoliad: Epic Fantasy via the Mongol Invasion

Caught this via BoingBoing to night apparently Greg Bear, Neal Stephenson, and others have a little subscription based online fantasy novel (with fan participation) going on.  The premise is pretty neat, while the few BoingBoing commentators are whining about the potentially draconion registration agreement, no-one (outside Doctorow’s initial post) had yet to comment on the nature of the fiction itself.  From The Mongoliad’s FAQ:

The Mongoliad is a serial novel, the kind of thing that Charles Dickens wrote. It’s also an experiment in fiction and technology… Fast Company said that we may be “the future of the novel.” The Mongoliad is set in the thirteenth century of a universe very much like ours, a world we call “Foreworld.” We publish chapters every so often (about weekly), and every chapter has associated discussions and other ways for readers to interact with each other and with us. Sometimes we’ll also have graphics to share as well, or movies, or music. There is a user-editable ‘Pedia with information about Foreworld-related topics, general-purpose user forums, and soon we hope to have easy ways for people to contribute their own stories, art, and music to our shared Foreworld experience.

Hit up the Boing Boing article for more details or head straight over to the Mongoliad now; this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

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