Tales from Earthsea Trailer

I don’t remember seeing this posted on the various SFF blogs I visit, but I could be mistaken. Tales from Earthsea was originally released in Japan back in 2006 and is finally getting a US release this August.  The film is  synthesis of plots from A Wizard of Earthsea, Tehanu, and the Farthest Shore.  Oddly we seem to be the last market getting this film as it has already seen the light of day in Spain, Australia, the UK.  Also interesting this is the first animated film rated PG-13 to be released by Disney (Ghibli’s US distributor).  Check out the US trailer below.

2 thoughts on “Tales from Earthsea Trailer

  1. Kimmy-Chan

    Me thinketh the american version of the trailer stinks. The Japanese one is way better…do you know when it will be released for dvd to the us??? the only ones out there do not play on american dvd players…

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