Music Monday: Mega Man Rocks

The Megas, Get Acoustic
The Megas, Get Acoustic

I’ll be honest I’ve never beat any Mega Man game. In fact I can probably count the number of hours I’ve spent playing Mega Man games and still have a couple of fingers left. Both facts which my love for music from Mega Man all the stranger. Or maybe it isn’t that strange given the Japanese title for the series: Rockman. I would go ahead an argue that Mega Man has some of the best video game music in any series today as catchy and head bob inducing in its 8-bit glory as any modern rock song is today.

All of this is to highlight my musical selection this pollen infested miserable (re: beautiful spring) day: Get Acoustic by The Megas. The Megas are, surprise surprise, a Los Angeles based rock band who sing songs inspired by, and structured, around the songs from Mega Man 2. Their first album Get Equiped, released in 2008, is a grand tour through Mega Man 2 in epic hard rockin’ fashion, but I think pales in comparison to their acoustic version Get Acoustic, that released back in March.

What makes The Megas different from other Nintendo-themed groups is the addition of lyrics to the familiar themes from the game. The band has gone so far as to give every song an individual title (with the theme name carefully dileanted after it). Much like the work of The Protomen, whose Mega Man themed rock opera (a topic for a later post) is a treat to listen to, The Megas work is given to a fair amount of interpretation on the back story behind the game. While it doesn’t tell a single contiguous story each of the tracks on Get Acoustic is sung from perspective of one of the robot bosses from Mega Man 2 (barring the opening and closing that is). The lyrics, the musics, and the idea itself combine both epic and fun in a winning combination.

There is not song that I don’t like on this album. While the melodies are definitely familiar The Megas did a fantastic job at mixing up each song to fit the tone behind their lyrics and as a result lending a certain amount of vitality to music. My favorites are Promise of Redemption/Bubbleman (I’m swimming in this bright blue ocean / I’m drowning in the darkest emotion / They call me useless, they call me weak / They call me a flipper and snorkel geek), Blue Like you/Flashman (I’ve always admired Megaman / And his flawless design / I wonder / What he will think of my blue suit/ And this helmet of mine?), Metal Dance/Metalman (Armed with metal blades, conveyor belts and funk, / They bend to my metal will, turning my enemies to junk), and The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Airman (Up in the sky / Ten miles high / A man stands above the city he will destroy. / Built from airplane parts, his propeller spins as he thinks to himself… / I will destroy these people.) but every track is a winner.

If you’ve ever played even a couple of minutes of Mega Man 2 I honestly think this album is worth checking out and if you like some originality to go alongside your Nintendo music then you can’t really go wrong with Get Acoustic. The album is available for $10 via Band Camp or iTunes. You can also check out more from The Megas on their website or twitter.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Mega Man Rocks

  1. WOW, can’t believe that you never got into a Mega Man game. Definitely try it out on the NES. There were some changes from Mega Man to Mega Man 2 on the NES but for the most part, everything stayed the same from Mega Man 2 all the way up to Mega Man 10. Only things that change are the master robots and the stages. The gameplay, moves and powerups are classic!

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