k.flay’s MASHed Potatoes

This is one of those instances where I downloaded something and forgot about it only to be reintroduced to it via the magic of shuffle.  In this case it was the track “boom boom pow KUNG FU” that reintroduced me to k.flay’s “mix tape” MASHed Potatoes. MASHed Potatoes contains tracks chopped up and remixed by k.flay with original lyrics.  The results are stunning.  Opening track “ON the bridge” remixes the main riff from Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Under the Bridge” into a laid back hip-hop track about a sunny drive from Oakland to San Francisco.  “NO Ignorance” remixes Paramore’s “Ignorance” into a fast, head nodding braggadocio.  (To be honest my lack of knowledge regarding popular music means I don’t really recognize much else)

There isn’t a bad track anywhere on the mix.  While most of the tracks are all in good fun k.flay does delve into more socially conscious territory with tracks like “CRAZYtown” about psychotropic medication, therapy and basically the business of living.   There’s “heavy CROSS OUT” equally about the creative process and ennui of youth (“I am just some twenty something feeling like a piece of shit / I can see the pie ahead, wanting just a piece of it / Writing in my room I’m sure nowhere is where’s I’m heading”) and “MONEYmakerZ;” an excoriating commentary on the current economic situation.  I could describe more but really each track is frickin’ fantastic and this is the type of music that, literally, speaks for itself.

Did I mention that MASHed Potatoes is free?  It most certainly is.  You can grab the download link from k.flay’s page here and really there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t.  Unless, of course, you’re predisposed against things that are AWESOME!  If you’re still not convinced perhaps you should check out the video embedded below.  The song “Carry On” doesn’t appear on MASHed Potatoes but I’ll be damned if the intimacy of the performance and the subject matter doesn’t move you.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out k.flay’s blog and twitter page for news and info!

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