Gaming in 2010

2009 was a bad year for me and game.  A year measured by inability to commit and finish just about every game I’ve started.  I’m still working on Dragon’s Age, dabbling into Torchlight, and cautiously exploring the jungles of Crysis: Warhead. Regardless, there is still a bevy of titles I’m looking forward to in 2010.

In January we have Bioware’s Mass Effect 2.  I’m also slowly picking away at a second run through on the first game, this time on PC, but I likely won’t finish before the sequel hits.  In all likelihood I’ll be picking up the 360 version anyway so I can take advantage of my original saves.  The feature of Mass Effect 2 that I’m most look forward are the dynamic events that pop-up during conversation as described over at Actiontrip:

“The bigger functional difference is that we’ve added a new kind of dialogue response, which we call interrupts. It’s basically a way to seize physical control during a conversation depending on what’s going on. You’ll either have Paragon interrupts or Renegade interrupts at certain times and you can let them pass…”

This kind of stuff hasn’t really appeared in a Bioware game, other then the old Intimidate/Persuade dynamic.  Though to be fair, if I remember correctly, the old premium module Witch’s Wake for Neverwinter Nights had a similar kind of interupt system.

In February there is the reboot of Aliens vs. Predator.  Once again being developed by the folks at Rebellion I’m looking forward to returning to one of my favorite video game franchises of all time.  The original Aliens vs. Predator was a game I could never complete; it was just way too tense.  Not in a bad way but in a way that really managed to capture the fear and tension that first ping on a motion detector incites.  AvP2 I did manage to play through on all three campaigns and, while not as scary as its predecessor, was still a blast to play…particularly as the Alien.  From the few game play trailers I’ve seen from the new game it looks like the Marine sections will be trending more closely towards the original game.

Expected sometime around March is Eidos’ Just Cause 2.  I missed out on the first game, which apparently wasn’t that great, but everything I’ve seen and read about Just Cause 2 makes me think it’ll be over-the-top batshit insane fun.  Case in point, the trailer below:

Honestly, I don’t feel I need to explain my excitement beyond the ridiculously awesome shenanigans in that trailer.

From there things slow up a bit.  I always cautiously keep an eye on western games.  They always seem like they might be pretty cool but I’ve never actually played one.  That being said I’m keeping an eye on the late April release of Red Dead Redemption.  An open world Western from the folks at Rockstar sounds more interesting then much they’ve done as of late.  Also in April is the space combat MMO Jumpgate: Evolution.  While certainly not a new X-Wing game it has still been far far too long since I’ve jumped into the cockpit of a space fighter.  Don’t know how I feel about a monthly fee though so I’m going to be waiting on reviews and impressions for this one.

THE game I’ll be keeping my eye on throughout 2010 is going to be Fallout: New Vegas.  Feargus Urquhart helming the studio behind a new Fallout certainly has me excited at what that might entail.  Of course there has been literally no news on the title since it’s being announced in April of last year.  Other honorable mentions include Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online.  I’ve studiously been avoiding promotional information about the Bioware developed Star Wars MMO, but I find it odd that all the impressions I have seen never mention any actual multiplayer.

Of course my chances of finding the time to actually play everything I want is close to none; but a man can dream can’t he.  There are also a ton of games I didn’t mention and it seems that Q3 and Q4 2010 are curiously empty/mysterious; unless I’m missing something.

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